Dickon Edwards (dickon_edwards) wrote,
Dickon Edwards

Fanzines: on Real Paper

A couple of notable paper-based fanzines to recommend.

The High Horse.
Impressively screen-printed to resemble an ancient newspaper, the HH collates writings from various London types about absolutely anything at all. Philosophy, buses, music hall, burglars. My own contributions have been a short story in issue 2 about Tube advert-inspired madness, Constantin Underground; while an article on my narrowboat activities, Tossing Upon The Spume, appeared in issue 4.

Priced £1.50, copies of the HH are available in London at the ICA bookshop, Reckless Records (Berwick St) and Rough Trade (Neals Yard).
For mail order details, write to: thehighhorse@hotmail.co.uk.
Website: www.thehighhorse.net

If Destroyed Still True
Autobiographical board games, angsty cartoons and tragicomic tales of drinking and snogging one's way across the world. All from the charming desk of Ms Nine of Edinburgh. She's on her second print run already. More details at: http://jinxremoving.org/
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